CHARPENTIER François (1620-1702) literary... - Lot 27 - Drouot Estimations

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CHARPENTIER François (1620-1702) literary... - Lot 27 - Drouot Estimations
CHARPENTIER François (1620-1702) literary scholar, one of the four founding members of the Académie des Inscriptions [AF 1650, 18th f]. L.A.S. "Charpentier", "Wednesday at one o'clock in the morning" [1658], to Madeleine de SCUDÉRY; 3 pages in4. Beautiful and rare letter with verses to Mademoiselle de Scudéry, about Xenophon's Cyropedia of which he has just published a translation. He received the bill brought to him by MÉNAGE. "If time would have allowed it I would have thanked you at once, because it is impossible to hold back such a just resentment. You have paid too much for the work that I took the boldness to offer you; the esteem that you have for it is certainly beyond its merit"... He attributes his praise to the fact "that he speaks of one of your oldest friends. I know, Mademoiselle, that Cyrus is one of your friends [Le Grand Cyrus de Mlle de Scudéry was published in 1653], and that your friendship is one of his most glorious achievements. It is in this consideration, that his name is in the most beautiful mouths of France and that it serves now of maintenance to the polite world which otherwise would not know it gueres "... The letter continues in verse: "And I, who know him quite perfectly, If you believe my oath, I would have had little care to revive his glory, Though he once had a thousand submissive peoples, If I had not learned elsewhere than in history That he possesses the honor to be of your friends "... On the last page, Mademoiselle de SCUDÉRY has noted in her hand: "letter of Charpentier", as indicated by a note of Monmerqué to whom this letter belonged. Attached is another L.A.S., July 17 [1683], to a colleague [Pierre-Daniel HUET?]; 5 pages in-4. About his book De l'excellence de la langue françoise, and their disagreement: "The diversity of our opinions concerning the passage of Moyse is older than the second edition of the book where you are designated" Etc. It announces the death of Eudes de Mézeray. Very rare (according to Raoul Bonnet, there would be only about ten known letters of Charpentier).
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