Sales conditions

In addition to the batch auction, Purchasers will pay the following taxes and fees:
- 21.10% TTC (for books).
- 24% incl.
- Additional DrouotLive fees: 1.8% ttc

The attention of bidders is drawn to the fact that the description of the item is subject to corrections announced at the time of presentation of the item and entered in the official sales report of the sale.
The dimensions are given on an indicative basis.
No complaint related to restorations, small accidents, and condition will be accepted as the public exhibition allows a proper examination by the buyer.
Indications about the condition are available upon request to the auctioneer in charge of the sale.

A public exhibition of the objects being specially organized in order to examine them, the bidders are supposed to have examined the objects on which they are bidding. No complaint would be received regarding apparent defects or defects resulting of the use or age of the object.

The operation of mechanical, electrical or electronic devices (watches, clocks, photographic devices or others) is in principle not guaranteed, unless expressly stated in the sheet describing it.

Bidders are reminded that all administrative and customs formalities are the responsibility of the successful bidders and that the lots are not delivered with an export certificate unless expressly indicated.

Absentee and phone bids

Auctioneers and experts execute, free of charge, absentee and phone bids, for those who cannot attend the sale.
Anyone wishing to set up a phone bid will need to send a request by email, attaching a copy of his ID and bank details, at the latest the day before the sale.
Experience reveals that communications are not always possible due to technical problem or lack of reception, therefore a phone bid request assumes that THE BUYER AGREES TO BID TO THE LOW ESTIMATE PLUS ONE MORE BID in case the connection is lost for any reason.
Drouot Estimations cannot be responsible for failing to execute a bid.
To request an absentee or phone bid :


Any purchase will need to be paid during or right after the sale.
Should the buyer fail to pay the amount due, and after notice to pay has been sent to the buyer without answer, the lot is re-offered for sale at the seller’s request, under the French procedure known as “précedure de folle enchère”.
Payment can be made in the following ways :
- By credit card in the saleroom : Visa or Mastercard
- By certified cheque or crossed cheque in euros, upon presentation of a valid passport. In case of payment by non-certified cheque, the collection of purchase may be postponed until the money has been received.
Collections will be postponed for any payment by cheque above 1 000 € until money has been credited to our account.
- By bank transfer in euros :
IBAN : FR76 3000 4008 2800 0106 2854 076
Any buyer who wants to execute payment by bank transfer issued from a foreign account must take in account additional fees from his bank remaining at his own charge.
- In cash (decret of June 24, 2015) : up to 1 000 € (inc. premium) for French citizens or professionals and up to 15 000 € (inc. premium) for foreign citizens upon presentation of valid passport and evidence of residence abroad.

Collection and storage

Drouot Estimations will not send any sold item by mail and purchasers will need to organize their own way of shipping.
If the buyer has no carrier, any request for shipping will have to be made directly to Drouot Transport (01 48 00 22 49, Payment for the transport must be made directly to Drouot Transport.
No purchase will be delivered without reception of full payment.
Bought lots remain entirely under the buyer’s responsibility as soon as the sale has happened.
Any lot bought from Drouot Estimations and not collected on the day of the sale, will be sent and stored at Drouot Warehouse with daily storage fees applying (contact : 01 48 00 20 18 -

Drouot Storage

Benefit from Drouot Art storage facility.

At the end of the auction, lots can be collected for free in the room until 7pm and the day after between 8am and 10am.
Beyond that time, goods that were not handled by the Auction House are stored in DROUOT MAGASINAGE, at the following rates*: 
Administrative fees / lot incl. VAT : € 5
Storage and insurance fees / lot incl. VAT : 
- € 1 / day, the first 4 working days
- € 1 / € 5 / € 10 / € 20 / day, from the 5th working day, depending on the nature of the lot

Storage fees are offered for lots shipped by DROUOT TRANSPORT !*

DROUOT Magasinage
6 bis, rue Rossini – 75009 Paris - 3rd basement
From Monday to Saturday, 9am-10am and 1pm-6pm 
Warning : lots shall be released upon production of the paid invoice and/or the lot’s label. 

Contact :
+33 (0)1 48 00 20 18 I 56 I 

*More information on