Who are we

Drouot Estimations, Auction House at Drouot

Created in 1991, Drouot Estimations, auction house of Drouot group, is located opposite side of the famous Hôtel Drouot and counts about fifteen employees.

The auctioneers offer, over the entire year, a service of free verbal estimates, at the office 7, rue Drouot, or at your home.
Wishing to establish a trustworthy relationship and a service of quality, they inform you about the value of your goods and guide you through the sale processes in the auction rooms at the Hôtel Drouot, or on online sales.

Multidisciplinary, the auctioneers, sometimes assisted by experts, own various knowledges within numerous specialties:
- Archeology and Tribal Art
- Asian and Islamic Art
- 20th Century Decorative Art and Design
- Impressionist and Modern Art
- Post-War and Contemporary Art
- Russian Art
- Jewels, Silver, and Watches
- Prints
- Toys and Cartoons
- Books and Manuscripts
- Militaries and historical souvenirs
- Furniture and Works of Art
- Fashion and Accessorizes
- Photography
- Old Master Drawings and Paintings
- Wines

Auctions sales

Once the valuation is made, we offer you the possibility to sell your goods in one of our auctions, at the heart of the Hôtel Drouot, or via an online sale on drouot.com.

The auction sale insures the best visibility for your goods: every object is described, photographed and shown either in our printed catalogues, our website and on drouot.com

Drouot Estimations organize about fifty sales each year, either specialized or general, assembling the works by theme. 
All our sales are directly broadcasted in our DrouotLive online platform.

Potential buyers can either bid in the auction room, by leaving an absentee bid, by telephone or on the internet via DrouotLive. 

The Hôtel Drouot

The Hôtel Drouot, created in 1852, is one of the oldest international institutions dedicated to public auction sales. It is today, the biggest places dedicated to this activity.

Drouot owns 18 salerooms, at the service of 75 different auction houses, organizing about 1 300 sales each year.

Crossroad of the Art Market, the Hôtel Drouot is a magical place accessible to everyone. It is an endless reserve of paintings, furniture and most various works of art, from every century and every value. We go there to discover the objects during the exhibitions, consult the catalogues, get information on the estimates and finally to bid with emotion.