MILLOT Claude-François-Xavier (1726-1785) abbé et historien [AF1777, 5e f].

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MILLOT Claude-François-Xavier (1726-1785) abbé et historien [AF1777, 5e f].
L.A.S. "Millot" (minute), and autograph MANUSCRIT; 1 and a half pages in-4 and 4 pages in-4. [1769 ?], compliment to H.R.H. the Infant, duke of PARMA [Ferdinand I of Parma]: "The lessons of wisdom, always united to sound literature, have taught from childhood, to V.A.R., that the most august blood and the highest rank distinguish a sovereign only by imposing on him more vast and more important duties. In an age when one dares to blindly indulge in illusion, she delights in the truth, so fearsome to the weak and the wicked, but so precious to great souls... An attached leaflet corrects the first crossed out paragraph, to present to H.R.H. his Elements of the history of England. Mots comtois. Lexicon of nearly one hundred "Comtois words": "Achutter affriander, to start. Amaigrir maigrir. Amodiateur farmer", etc. This is followed by lists of words with "Rules of pronunciation according to the Dict. comtois-françois" - "airé non aéré", "cataplasme prononcez l's", etc. - and "vicious tricks", such as "Je n'ai rien soupé", and "Il traîne carosse".
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