LABICHE Eugène (1815-1888) [AF 1880, 15e f].

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LABICHE Eugène (1815-1888) [AF 1880, 15e f].
4 L.A.S. "Eugène Labiche", 1844-1880; 11 pages in-8 or in-12. Paris, October 19, 1844, [to his collaborator MARC-MICHEL?], about their play which has just been refused by the Gymnase, "and even rather curtly, it is claimed that our little jewel is neither comic, nor touching, nor interesting". He proposes to take it to SCRIBE: "We will have the opinion of the Master", and perhaps even his recommendation: "You know that a play recommended by Scribe is a play received. It would be a nice revenge" He does not have the subject of their next comedy, but proposes in the meantime to make Ugolin II Savigny May 18, 1863, about the performances of Le Chapeau de paille d'Italie: "the business of the Chapeau can be good at the Variétés. [] My only concern is that Cogniard will not keep his promises regarding the number of performances. He has already made me withdraw [] L'Affaire de la rue de Lourcine from the Palais-Royal" Paris, January 3, 1865, to a young playwright author of L'Enquête: "The dialogue is charming, very fine, very literary, I only reproach it with a little research []. Now your play has only one situation, always the same, it does not move, it does not turn around, and it is a great defect" He recognizes however "qualities of spirit and dialogue which are rarely found to such a high degree in a beginner" April 19, 1880: "I had formally renounced the theater before my election, the Academy is thus for nothing in my resolution, the real reason of my retirement, it is that the theater bores me. I have eaten too much of this eel pâté and I wish to rest"... Attached is a L.A.S. to a friend, sending him an armchair for a premiere at the Palais-Royal.
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