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- VAN HIRTUM (Marianne). The tripod of algebras. Paris, Rougerie, 1980, in-8, br. cover. Envoi of the author. - VAN HIRTUM (Marianne). La nuit mathématique. Paris, Rougerie, 1976, in-8, br. cover. Letter from the author. - DUPREY. Derrière son double. Paris, le Soleil noir, 1950, in-12, br. cover. - FARDOULIS-LAGRANGE. C.B. or a presumptuous friend. Paris, le Soleil noir, 1969, in-12, br. cover ill. (Smudges on the cover). One of 2300 numbered copies. -TORMA (Julien). Le grand troche. Sorite, Allia, 1988, in-8, br. cover printed. - HUIZINGA. Homo ludens. Paris, Gallimard 1951, in-12, br. cover printed. - PAINI (Lotus de). The three totemizations. Paris, 1924, in-8, br. cover. - BENAYOUN (Robert). Small pieces that can be used to approach (even to understand) if not to explain surrealism as a whole. Paris, 2001, in-8, br. cover. Frontispiece by Benoît. With a photo. - ANCEAU (Manuel). Calendar of the tides. Collages by Pierre Rojanski. Paris, la Maison de verre, 1996, in-4, br. cover printed. One of the 100 copies on Rivoli (n°42). - ROBERT LAGARDE. Paris, l'écart absolu, 1999, in-8, br. cover ill.
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