RUHMKORFF à Paris, seconde moitié du XIXème siècle

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RUHMKORFF à Paris, seconde moitié du XIXème siècle
Galvanometer by Nobilii in brass and glass, with three adjustable feet. Circular copper plate and silvered ring dial, signed. Inscription in ink on the profile of the brass ring "86 belongs to Mr Becquerel". Total height : 34.5 cm - Diameter of the bell : 17 cm Some spots of oxidation on the brass. In its mahogany case with a front door, a movable top handle, two hooks and a black patinated metal knob. Bearing a label "86 belongs to Mr Becquerel" on one side. H. 38 cm - Width : 25 cm - Depth : 28 cm. One foot replaced; scratches, dirt, stains; one side unstuck. It is a galvanometer based on the one created in 1826 by the Italian physicist Leopoldo NOBILI (1787-1835), comprising two magnetized needles of opposite poles, suspended by a wire in their middle, one above the other. It is thanks to the extreme sensitivity of this instrument, designed by Nobili, that Carlo MATTEUCCI was able to detect, around 1840, the electric current generated by the muscles. Henrich Daniel RUHMKORFF (1803-1877) was a German mechanic and electrician who came to Paris to work for manufacturers of precision scientific instruments. He founded his own workshop and built electromagnetic instruments, galvanometers and induction coils (bearing his name). There were three BECQUEREL professors of physics at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Antoine César (1788-1878) discovered the piezoelectricity of crystals in 1819. Alexandre-Edmon (1820-1891) was interested in substances sensitive to light. Henri (1852-1908), was the most famous of the lineage, thanks to his discovery of radioactivity, which earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, shared with Pierre and Marie CURIE. The number 86 written in ink on the galvanometer's ring and on the label stuck on its case seems to correspond to the one of the inventory of the instruments of the laboratory where one of the three Becquerels worked.
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