ROUAULT Georges (1871-1958)

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ROUAULT Georges (1871-1958)
Autograph manuscript of 25 poems, Album No. 3. International and provincial types; sewn in-8 booklet (18 x 14 cm) of 18 leaves (20 pages), in black cloth slipcase. Precious book of poems illustrated with two original drawings. This notebook has extensive erasures and corrections, with many lines crossed out. On the back of the first page are two DRAWINGS in Indian ink with purple wash: men's and women's heads. It contains 25 poems, the first unnumbered, the others numbered from 1 to 24. Introductory poem (13 verses, pasted on a primitive strikethrough version): "Esperanto / oh my coconut / that's what's beautiful / bo ba be bi bo bu / you've understood me! "»... 1. (2 dizains): "Respectability I say / it's written on my head figurine / read it if you like it"... 2. (22 verses): "I am a boxing champion / phlegmatic / even if a fly bites me! "»... 3. Tribute to Louis XIV (11 verses): "Here I am at the King's house / Ah! blue-blooded I don't know why / I feel completely at home"... 4. The ventriloquist automaton (23 verses): "You have to earn a lot of money / honestly "... 5. (3 quatrains): "I'm a good man / guarding the borders / never looking for stones / on the other side of the fence "... 6. (2 stanzas of 15 verses): "To your health my sweet William / said a good apostle / despite your moustaches / and your panache / we know that you love France".... 7. The little Parisian girl (19 verses): "Little girl / thin / already crumpled / looking at her rat snout / in front of the old mirror"... 8. Variant (2 dozen): "I'll go to Berlin tomorrow / Today it's too cold / I was born in the rue Sainte Croix Bretonnerie"... 9. (3 stanzas of 5 verses): "I was Belgian by birth / I'm not prouder for that"... 10. (2 stanzas of 15 verses): "Papa Poulot beautiful body / black / but dirty face / inherited the top hat / from Monsieur Fallières "... 11. Le Peau-Rouge (17 verses): "Give me back my savannah / my we
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