MAGRITTE René (1898-1967)

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MAGRITTE René (1898-1967)
Signed autograph letter addressed to Henri MICHAUX Brussels, 04 December 1964, 1 page and a half in-8 in ink on letterhead printed with his name and address in Brussels. Autograph envelope kept at the address of Michaux, rue Séguier in Paris. (The letter is a little crumpled). Magritte enthusiastically compliments the study of Michaux's recently published book, En rêvant à partir de peintures énigmatiques. "It is certainly the thought - the only one that is heart-wrenching, intensely present and enchanting - in what you have written. It is more precious than intelligence, Valery's, for example, a prisoner of 'Altitude'. I would still like him if he had thought a little about 'attitude'. ...I think we like the miracle. The one where a fisherman walks on the sea (not Christ on the waves). ...] Words mean 'nothing', except when they can remind us that nothing is happening, even when something is happening. The word miracle has meaning only if it is not pronounced and besides it is permanent. Your writing gives me the feeling that it is, you evoke so well the Impossible that one doubts that it really is. If I could 'talk about painting' as well as you do, I wouldn't touch a brush. It's true that it's about the world, rather than about ourselves. Painted or written thought is only worthwhile on that condition. After its first publication in the Mercure de France, En rêvant à partir de peintures énigmatiques was republished by Michaux, with a few revisions, by Fata Morgana in 1972. Michaux's autograph annotations on the two plates of the envelope. Exceptional document associating René Magritte and Henri Michaux.
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