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mardi 28 mai 2024 20:00
null , 7 rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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Exceptional Solidarity Auction to benefit the Centre Hospitalier Aix-Pertuis (84) organized by Anne Roumanoff


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Philippe ANCELIN, Auctioneer, Director of Drouot-Estimations :

07 85 35 20 51 -

"The quality of life of caregivers seems to us to be a key issue, as vicarious stress is increasingly present in care facilities. It seemed obvious to us that we had to help caregivers in their daily lives, both to improve their well-being and their working conditions. After two charity galas organized at and by Château La Coste for the benefit of the Centre Hospitalier Aix - Pertuis, we decided to give a new dynamic to this event and together we created the Vendanges Solidaires. Last September, some fifteen employees from the hospital came to help us pick hundreds of kilos of grapes. The Association Solidarité avec les Soignants, chaired by Anne Roumanoff, joined us for this exceptional auction. The proceeds will be used to improve the equipment in the caregivers' rest rooms at the hospital. Thanks to your generosity and that of the Domaine du Château La Coste, and of all the artists and companies taking part in this sale, we hope to do much more. Thank you for helping those who care for us!"

Anne Roumanoff - President of the Solidarité avec les Soignants association

Jérôme Schehr - CFO Château La Coste/ Villa La Coste

We would like to thank all those who made this sale possible, especially the Drouot Estimations teams, Philippe Ancelin, Angélique Rouyer, from Drouot Digital, Antoine de Rochefort, Anaïs Cornut, Caroline Marthouret and finally all the Domaine Château La Coste teams, Jérôme Schehr, Katia Lesauvage and Marie Rozet, the Artists, the Aix en Provence Lyric Festival teams and finally the Fly Provence teams and its manager Hervé Berardi.

The auction runs from May 17 to 28, 2024.

Start of auction: Friday May 17 at 6 p.m.

Closing: Tuesday May 28 at 8 pm.


Telephone: 01 48 01 91 07.

Solidarity with caregivers

Solidarity auction

The association Solidarité avec les soignants will not issue tax receipts to purchasers.

About the association Solidarité avec les soignants

Founded on March 23, 2020 by Anne Roumanoff, the Solidarité avec Les Soignants association now counts some twenty volunteers. Since March, the association has equipped 3,000 rest rooms across France. "Caregivers' rest rooms often have outdated equipment, mismatched crockery and are furnished with odds and ends, sometimes with outdated appliances..." says Anne Roumanoff. The phrase we hear most is "thank you for thinking of us, we've got nothing" reports Cédric Monnet, a volunteer with the association. "Equipping the caregivers' rest rooms is a way of giving them attention, consideration and saying thank you for what they do".

About Château La Coste

In 2000, Château La Coste turned to organic farming. This choice, uncommon 20 years ago, was demanding but quickly rewarded, as the estate's wines were awarded the Agriculture Biologique label in 2009. With a view to respecting the soil, our oldest plots of vines are worked by horses - clawing, ridging and earthing-up - and the vines are grassed in October with a variety of plants that provide aeration, amendment and nitrogen capture. This natural enrichment helps to improve the vine's equilibrium. To enhance biodiversity in the vineyard, the estate works with a shepherd who brings his sheep, rams and lambs to graze in October and spring. As soon as the estate went organic, certain precepts of a biodynamic approach were also applied. Finally, in 2022, the vines and grapes will be certified biodynamic by Demeter. This new self-imposed requirement is fully in line with the estate's commitment to excellence: to reinforce the positive ecological impact of the estate for future generations, to sublimate the terroirs and produce wines with the DNA of the place, to offer wines with even more elegant and fresh profiles, and to reinforce their ageing potential. At the same time, the estate has continued to innovate and has become one of France's leading wine tourism sites, thanks in particular to its artistic approach: some forty works and installations line the vineyards and olive groves. It's also a real place for epicureans, centered around the French art of living, with 6 restaurants and 2 hotels, so you're bound to find an atmosphere that appeals to you.

Solidarity with caregivers

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