ON LINE: "BARBIE x ESMOD" charity sale to benefit the Inspiring Girls association

dimanche 28 novembre 2021 20:00
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Philippe ANCELIN, Auctioneer, President of Drouot-Estimations :

- pancelin@drouot.com

This year Barbie challenged the students of the ESMOD school to give a makeover to the two fashion icons: Barbie and Ken. The result of a demanding artistic work, all the outfits embody the energy and freedom of the students.

Originality and open-mindedness are the key words of this original and ultra-desirable collection celebrating difference and diversity, spearheading a young generation that is redefining the contours of fashion with talent.

The 19 creations that are being auctioned on Drouot.com are unique models, the proceeds of which will be donated to the association Inspiring Girls France, the NGO that helps broaden the professional perspectives of young girls through the testimonies of inspiring women. Their mission? To promote the professional ambition of young girls and show them that they have no limits!

Since 2018, Barbie has been highlighting The Dream Ceiling Project, a multi-year global initiative that aims to raise awareness of the factors that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. With these donations, Barbie hopes to continue to inspire little girls to dream big, what's more in the fashion world, where it's noticeable that there are still few women at the helm of couture and high fashion Houses.

The auction will take place from November 26 to November 28, 2021.

Start of the auction: Friday 26 November at 10 am

Closing of the sale: Sunday 28 November at 8 pm.

Contact: bids@drouot.com

Telephone: 01 48 01 91 07

To learn more about Barbie and Inspiring Girls France's missions, visit Barbie | Role Models | Inspiring Women | You Can Be Anything and www.inspiringirls.fr

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