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Salle 3 - Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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Importants Bijoux & Montres

Expositions :
Mardi 11 décembre de 11h à 18h
Mercredi 12 décembre de 11h à 12h

Ordres d'achat :

Contacts de la vente :
Marion MARTINOT-DORE - 01 48 01 91 03 -
Aude MOYANO-SCHMITT - 01 48 01 91 14 -

La responsabilité de chacun des experts est limitée aux lots qu’il a décrits :
Montres et bijoux
Cabinet Vendôme Expertise
M. Christian VION
25 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 46 80 86
M. VION et M. LAFOSSE ont décrit les lots n°36 à 48 et 196.
Sales conditions

Sales conditions

Purchasers will pay in addition to the hammer price, a buyer’s premium of 24% (VAT included).
In accordance with the law, DROUOT ESTIMATIONS is responsible for the contents stated in the catalogue, subject to amendments announced by the auctioneer during the sale when presenting the lot.
The dimensions are given on an indicative basis.
No complaint related to restorations, small accidents, and condition will be accepted as the public exhibition allows a proper examination by the buyer.
Indications about the condition are available upon request to the auctioneer in charge of the sale.

Absentee and phone bids

Auctioneers and experts execute, free of charge, absentee and phone bids, for those who cannot attend the sale.
Anyone wishing to set up a phone bid will need to send a request by email, attaching a copy of his ID and bank details, at the latest the day before the sale.
Experience reveals that communications are not always possible due to technical problem or lack of reception, therefore a phone bid request assumes that THE BUYER AGREES TO BID TO THE LOW ESTIMATE PLUS ONE MORE BID in case the connection is lost for any reason.
Drouot Estimations cannot be responsible for failing to execute a bid.

To request an absentee or phone bid :


Any purchase will need to be paid during or right after the sale.
Should the buyer fail to pay the amount due, and after notice to pay has been sent to the buyer without answer, the lot is re-offered for sale at the seller’s request, under the French procedure known as “procédure de folle enchère”.
Payment can be made in the following ways :
- By credit card in the saleroom : Visa or Mastercard
- By certified cheque or crossed cheque in euros, upon presentation of a valid passport. In case of payment by non-certified cheque, the collection of purchase may be postponed until the money has been received.
Collections will be postponed for any payment by cheque above 1 000 € until money has been credited to our account.
- By bank transfer in euros :
IBAN : FR76 3000 4008 2800 0106 2854 076
Any buyer who wants to execute payment by bank transfer issued from a foreign account must take in account additional fees from his bank remaining at his own charge.
- In cash (decret of June 24, 2015) : up to 1 000 € (inc. premium) for French citizens or professionals and up to 15 000 € (inc. premium) for foreign citizens upon presentation of valid passport and evidence of residence abroad.

Collection and storage

For this sale, lots will be stored free of charge at Drouot Estimations during 15 days following the sale, after that charges will apply.

Collection must be made at Drouot Estimations, 7 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, Monday to Friday 10am-1pm & 2-5pm.

Drouot Estimations will not send any sold item by mail and purchasers will need to organize their own way of shipping.
If the buyer has no carrier, any request for shipping can be made directly to Drouot Transport (01 48 00 22 49, Payment for the transport will need to be made directly to Drouot Transport.
No purchase will be delivered without reception of full payment.
Bought lots remain entirely under the buyer’s responsibility as soon as the sale has happened.



Drouot Estimations applies the technical regulations per the law, through the decree n°2002-65 from January 14th 2002.

  1. Drouot Estimations indicates altered stones by « traditional stone method » the same way than the ones that haven’t been altered (Art. 3).
  2. Drouot Estimations refers altered stones of a different way, by the name of the stone, followed by the mention “treated” or by the indication of applied treatment (Art. 2).

Stones that are not presented with a certificate or a laboratory report have been estimated by Drouot Estimations considering the modifications of a).

Concerning the watches: restorations, modifications, technical features, series numbers, dimensions, weights are notified insofar as we are able.

These elements are given on an indicative basis only to make the inspection easier for the potential buyer, and remain subject to his personal assessment.

The auctioneer’s and expert’s responsibilities cannot be questioned in case of potential omissions despite the taken precautions.

Missing indications does not imply that a watch can be faultless.

No guarantee can be made on the conditions of watches and bracelets.

Revisions, adjustments, and waterproofness remain at the buyer’s charge.

The gold, platinum and silver mentions without additional information describe the lots as per 750 thousandth for gold, 950 thousandth for platinum and 925 thousandth for silver.

*Ivory  specimens of Elephantidae spp (l/A) Pre-Convention, prior to July 1st 1947 and therefore comply with the Règle CE 338/97 du 09/12/1996 art.2-Wmc, and prior to July 1st 1975 and therefore comply with the French decrees of 16 August 2016 and 4 May 2017.

*Coral specimen complying with the Regulations CE 338-97 art. of December 9th 1996. Prior to June 1, 1947.

Prospective purchasers of or incorporating  endangered and other protected species of wildlife such as, ivory, and certain species of coral, are advised that several countries require a permit (e.g., a CITES permit) from the relevant regulatory agencies in the countries of exportation as well as importation.

Accordingly, clients should familiarize themselves with the relevant customs laws and regulations prior to bidding on any property with wildlife material if they intend to import the property into another country, specicially if it is the United States of America.