SALE ORGANIZED BY ANNE ROUMANOFF - Solidarity Auction to equip rest rooms for caregivers

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Solidarity auction intended to equip the rest rooms of the Caregivers


Contact of the sale :

Philippe ANCELIN, Auctioneer, President of Drouot-Estimations :

07 85 35 20 51 -

"Solidarity with carers equips carers' rest rooms by providing them with coffee makers, kettles, microwaves, tables, chairs, armchairs, crockery, refrigerators, etc. More than 2288 rest rooms have already been equipped throughout France. Thanks to your generosity and that of all the artists, brands and companies participating in this sale, we hope to do much more. Thank you for helping those who care for us!"

Anne Roumanoff - President of the association Solidarité avec les Soignants

The auction will take place from December 6 to 15, 2021.

Start of the auction: Sunday, November 20, 10 am.

Closing of the sale: Monday, November 28 at 8 pm.


Phone : 01 48 01 91 07.

Due to the time of the year, only the payments received by December 21 at the latest will allow the association to make their lots available to the buyers before the end of the year.

Solidarity with caregivers

Solidarity auction

The association Solidarity with Caregivers will not issue tax receipts to buyers.

About the association Solidarity with Caregivers

Created on March 23, 2020 by Anne Roumanoff, the association Solidarity with Caregivers now has about twenty volunteers.

Since March, the association has delivered more than 1,500 packages of protective equipment, sent to more than 250 health establishments and equipped 2,288 rest rooms throughout France. "The rest rooms of caregivers often have outdated equipment, mismatched dishes and are furnished with odds and ends with sometimes outdated appliances ... " says Anne Roumanoff. The phrase we hear the most is "thank you for thinking of us, we have nothing" reports Cédric Monnet, a volunteer with the association. "Equipping the caregivers' rest rooms is a way of giving them attention, consideration and saying thank you for what they do".

Requests for help from caregivers continue to pour in to the association. The objective of this auction is to raise enough funds to equip at least 150 additional rest rooms.

Solidarity with caregivers

Solidarity auction

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