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Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme, contenant la médecine opératoire. Paris, Delaunay, 1840-1854, 8 strong vol. in-fol. half-rel. red chag. One of the most beautiful anatomical treatises of the 19th century. With a frontispiece, 8 title pages and complete with its 726 plates, most of them lithographed in black, some of them folding and drawn after nature by Nicolas Henri Jacob. Claude Bernard collaborated from 1845 by preparing anatomical pieces. Volume I (1840): Osteology, syndesmology. 191 pp. of text and 59 plates numbered from 1 to 59. That is 59 plates. Volume II (1852): Apparatus of relation, organs of locomotion. 141 pp. of text and 100 plates numbered from 60 to 159. Total of 100 plates. Volume III (1844) : Descriptive and physiological anatomy. 341 pp. of text and 115 plates numbered from 1 to 100 and 15 plates numbered from 1 to 100. That is 115 plates. Volume IV (1851): Angelology. 162 pp. of text with 91 plates numbered from 1 to 91 and 7 plates numbered twice. Total of 98 plates. Volume V (1839) : Organs of digestion. 342 pp. of text with 76 plates numbered from 1 to 76 and 20 plates numbered differently, making 96 plates. Volume VI (1852) : Operative medicine. 280 pp. of text, with 91 plates numbered 1 to 91 and 2 bis, that is 93 plates. Volume VII (1840) : Operative medicine, 356 pp. of text - LII p., 77 plates, 5 plates with brackets and 16 plates with letters from A to P. That is 103 plates. Volume VIII (1854) : Embryogenesis. VIII- 335 pp., 60 plates numbered from 1 to 60 and 7 plates numbered with brackets. Total of 67 plates. Brunet I, 1179. Freckles, browning to a few plates, a few accidents to the spines of the bindings. BOURGERY - JACOB. Complete treatise on the anatomy of man. Surgical anatomy and operative medicine. Supplement by Dr. Duchaussoy. Paris, Guérin, 1867-1868, in-fol. half red chag. With 24 plates. Qq. wetnesses. TRAITE D'ANATOMIE, d'ostéologie et de miologie nécessaire au dessin. Paris, chez Jean, s.d., in-fol. br., cover printed with mq. With a frontispiece and 12 plates. Heavy foxing. JACOB. Complete treatise on the anatomy of man including operative medicine by Doctor Bourgery. Atlas. Volume eight. Paris, Delaunay, 1834, in-4, worn black percal. card. With 20 lithographed and colored plates, one of which is very large. Set of 11 vols.
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