BLANC Louis (1811-1882). L.A.S. "Louis Blanc... - Lot 17 - Drouot Estimations

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BLANC Louis (1811-1882). L.A.S. "Louis Blanc... - Lot 17 - Drouot Estimations
BLANC Louis (1811-1882). L.A.S. "Louis Blanc one of the two editors of Le Bon Sens", Paris February 10, 1836: 2 pages in-4 headed Le Bon Sens, newspaper of democracy. "We do not grant anyone the right to question our sincerity and to deny our patriotism. The person who answers you has been writing in Le Bon Sens for more than two years. And he knows how much one must make of the reproaches which relate to the versatility of this newspaper which has remained scrupulously faithful to its origin. [] the Common Sense is the one of all the newspapers that has imposed on itself for the people the most sacrifices and that has brought the most abnegation in its work of propaganda ". He rejects like an insult the accusation of patriotism of the Stock Exchange, whereas he receives letters of support "of patriots who are also workers [] And certainly instead of work, of fatigues, of sorrows of any kind to which the defense of a holy cause exposes us, it is consoling for us to acquire more and more this conviction: that it is not of the recognition of the People as of the recognition of the kings".
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