BAUTRU Guillaume, comte de Serrant (1588-1665)... - Lot 13 - Drouot Estimations

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BAUTRU Guillaume, comte de Serrant (1588-1665)... - Lot 13 - Drouot Estimations
BAUTRU Guillaume, comte de Serrant (1588-1665) state councilor and diplomat, satirical poet, founding member of the Académie française. 2 L.A.S. "Bautru", 1636-1637; each 3 pages in-fol. addresses with red wax seals of arms on pink silk lakes. Amiens Oct. 22 [1636], to marshal de BRÉZÉ, on the siege of Corbie. [The army is still attached to the blockade of Corbie, the news of the war are very cold on our side, all going to know how long the day will last for these people who know how to suffer all the inconveniences except the lack of wheat and gunpowder which they have enough for a long time. The lines are perfect and so are the fors [] We have plague here, but more in the city than in the countryside," which includes "nine thousand horses" and "more than 20,000 infantry. The enemies are further into their country than in the past, but not so far away that we can say that they are separated in their winter quarters. Mr is gone the King [LOUIS XIII] will lessen all these guards and is said to go and come from his quarter to Chantilly [] We will see what the deputies will do in Colongne but peace has many difficult encounters to overcome ". [November 11, 1637], to Cardinal de LA VALETTE, general of the armies of S.M. He fears for the health of Monseigneur in the midst of the armies, following "the unexpected death of these three princes, our allies, whom we have seen end a few days ago, for whom I can tell you that, although with confusion, I have not prayed to God for six months and a few weeks, nor for Monsieur de La Mailleraie, the King's Lieutenant in Normandy, whom an apoplexy has left us for 4 or 5 days, you have not been very happy with the exit of the Spaniards from Guyenne. This army will not add much to the history of their prowess"... He speaks of the entertainments which marked the stay of H.E. in Paris, then of the death of M. du Blin the father, of disease, in his country of Maine. "Yesterday the King visited the religion of the Rue St. Anthoine and returned to Crosne, the Queen was incognito to Our Lady at the obsequies of Mr. de Savoye and in such a way that she fell and was crushed at the busts by many obscure. She only laughed." As for the news from the Court, "I believe that the Marechal de VITRY has permission to walk on the terraces of the Bastille, the Prince of Ethiopia [ZAGA CHRIST] was taken prisoner in the Chastelet accused of abuse by a Mr. Saunier nagueres Coner in the Parliament. This woman was formerly called the Concressant ". Attached is a L.A.S., January 8, to Monseigneur (1 page in-fol.). "The King did me the honor six months ago of giving me the captaincy of Pont de Cé, vacant by the civil death of the sieur de Meaux condemned to death" He wishes to enjoy this property under his protection
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