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27 L.A.S. "Vlaminck", Rueil-la-Gadelière 1932-1934 and n.d., to Lucien DESCAVES; 35 pages in-4 and in-8 on La Tourillière letterhead. Beautiful friendly, artistic and literary correspondence. [The writer and journalist Lucien DESCAVES (1861-1949), an influential founding member of the Académie Goncourt, encouraged the literary beginnings of his friend Vlaminck]. 1932. He read Mal d'Amour by Jean Fayard, "a novel worthy of being published in the Journal" (January 4). The Royal Museum of Brussels asks him for two paintings for an exhibition and possible purchase; he wishes to know, however, if Descaves still wants to buy the large snow landscape, for 4,000 francs... He is going to read Mazeline's Les Loups: "my health is good, I am working a little and going hunting. [...] Your return to the Goncourt is an event that is causing a lot of ink to flow"... 1933. Delamain announces the proofs of his book (La Haute-Folie, 1934); he is going to come to Descaves (author of a foreword): "I will sign the final proof in agreement with you. At La Tourillière, there is nothing new, I work a little and continue to go hunting and kill some wild boars. The newspapers tell me that in the capital the Parisians are having fun shouting and breaking equipment" (January 28). He gave his manuscript (Radios clandestins) to Delamain: "he finds the pages that describe the sickness of the present world: striking [...] On our trip to Paris, arriving at the Montparnasse station, we met CÉLINE! What a coincidence! He asks Descaves for a preface for Cartes sur table; project for an exhibition in Venice (November 6). He thanks him for the Foreword, and sends him some game; he invites him to dinner: "Don't make me any game. I will tell you my menu: mussels, or oysters, a lobster American style" (November 10). Delamain proposes the title Au ras du sol; what does Descaves think? "Why don't you come to La Tourillière with SIMENON? He certainly has a car " (November 21). He counts on Descaves for the correction of proofs (December 1). "The human condition by MALRAUX is not a writer's book, it is the book of a reporter; like Albert Londres. Reportage is to literature what decoration is to painting. What confusion in the house of the Goncourts! 1934. "Do you think the Stavisky assassination was well staged? What a story! What a scumbag! Stavisky and the National Lottery. The jazz of millions! What a beautiful paper to do" (January 10). He is happy with Le Cardonnel's paper. "So it's understood that at Easter, whether at Simenon's or elsewhere, we'll get the hell out of here somewhere" (March 11). He will not go to La Rochelle to see Simenon who "is in the process of going rogue and spoiling himself" (March 14). He does not like Simenon "as a policeman on the trail of Prince's assassins. [...] Simenon would do well to occupy himself with what concerns him, that is to say to make books. This dilettantism, this amateurism of a great star shocks me"... (March 24). Etc. We join 37 l.a.s. of Berthe de VLAMINCK to Lucien and Marie Descaves, Rueil-la-Gadelière, 1935-1937 (88 pages in-4 out in-8), very interesting, speaking about Vlaminck; plus a telegram of Vlaminck to Descaves, ; a l.a.s. from Edwige de Vlaminck (daughter of Maurice) to Descaves (1934); an autogr. note from Lucien DESCAVES on Christmas 1940 at Vlaminck's (1 p. in-12); and a postcard from Maurice Delamain to Vlaminck.
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