ROCHON DE CHABANNES Marc-Antoine-Jacques (1730-1800) auteur dramatique.

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ROCHON DE CHABANNES Marc-Antoine-Jacques (1730-1800) auteur dramatique.
L.A.S. "Rochon de Chabannes ci-devt chargé des affes du Roy aupres de l'Électeur de Saxe", Paris 23 December 1789, to Jacques NECKER "premier Ministre des finances"; 3 pages in-fol. Curious financial letter about the bills. "One of the great inconveniences of the bills of the Caisse d'Escompte, it is that to have no master, and to be able easily to be lost, stolen, or burned, and many people consequently are disgusted of these effects of wallet. There would be an easy way to make them insured and available at the same time; It would be to create a certain number of bills whose first number would be indicated to the public, to distinguish them from the discount bills, to carry these Nos on registers by alphabetical letters of the name of the possessors, and that these possessors would be obliged to sign their names on these registers, and to attach a motto to them, He indicates the procedure to be followed when the bills change hands, and the precautions to be taken to protect these bills which have become desirable properties, "especially if they were to be guaranteed on a dismemberment of ecclesiastical goods. Another L.A.S. about a play that will not be performed (27 messidor), and 2 P.S., one of which is autograph: receipts for books and receipts of theater, Paris 1787-1797.
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