LEBRUN Ponce-Denis Écouchard- (1729-1807) poète, dit Lebrun Pindare [AF 1803, 20e f].

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LEBRUN Ponce-Denis Écouchard- (1729-1807) poète, dit Lebrun Pindare [AF 1803, 20e f].
7 autograph MANUSCRIPTS of poems (2 signed "Le Brun"); 8 pages in-4 or in-8. Nice set of nine epigrams or poems, including one on the suppression of the Academy. Epigram on the destruction of the Académie (10 verses with corrections and variants, on the suppression of the Académie française by the Convention, August 8, 1793): "No more Immortals will be voted [] Las! they are dead, our forty Immortals!" Other Epigrams "against LA HARPE who had insulted the Great Corneille in the middle of the Lycée"; "on the abbot MAURY who had preached, the day before, a panegyric of Vincent de Paule" and "Synderêse in favor of the abbot Mauri"; a Judgment of Love on the black eyes and on the blue ones; an Answer to Courtesans who accused me of ingratitude; On Jocasta of the Count of Lauraguais (2 versions); etc. The Decree of the National Convention, of August 8, 1793 [] Portant suppression de toutes les Académies & Sociétés littéraires patentées ou dotées par la Nation (Imprimerie nationale exécutive du Louvre, 1793, with the claw of the minister Gohier) ; plus a printing of Mâcon, and the pamphlet Suppression de toutes les Académies du Royaume, comme onéreuses à l'Etat, & nuisibles aux sciences, à la littérature & aux arts (chez Knapen fils, 8 p.). L'Académie au fil des lettres, p. 158-159.
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