JAMMES Francis (1868-1938).

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JAMMES Francis (1868-1938).
3 L.A.S. "F. Jammes", Hasparren November-December 1923; 5 pages in-4. Beautiful set on his candidacy to the Academy in the chair of Pierre Loti. [It is the painter Albert Besnard who will be elected on November 27, 1924 to Loti's chair]. November 13, to Joseph BÉDIER, announcing his candidacy: "The great admiration I have had for Pierre Loti since my youth makes me wish to pronounce his eulogy". December 5, to Marcel PRÉVOST: he has just learned of the death of Maurice BARRÈS "who loved me and supported me. It doesn't matter what great help I lack. I keep to Barrès, in death, all my gratitude. I therefore doubt that the wish you have expressed will come true: to occupy the chair of Loti. Better than another I will know how to return to the shadow that I have never left much" December 15, to a friend, about BARRÈS: "I was not so much of his race, but he wanted me at the Academy, he had declared it, he had decided me to present myself"; he therefore no longer really believes in his election He announces the forthcoming publication of Cloches pour deux mariages and Le Mariage basque He evokes the cabal against La Brebis égarée at the Opéra-comique (music by Darius Milhaud), "the breakdown and the oven in all their fullness" A L.A.S. is attached, Hasparren March 4, 1937, to Francis VIÉLÉ-GRIFFIN (1 p. and a half in 4) : " I know what the measure of the French Academy is worth since neither you nor Claudel nor I are part of it. I think that an Academy next to it would quickly present the same defects & inconveniences which discredit the ancient Patroness: coteries, disparity in tastes, differences in political, religious, moral opinions, personal enmities etc.!... influencing the votes and attribution of prizes etc... I have thought it over and I maintain my abstention. L'Académie française au fil des lettres, p. 288-291.
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