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Lot of 12 volumes including: - LEIRIS (Michel). Roussel l'ingénu. Paris, Fata Morgana, 1987, in-8, br. cover printed. - SCUTENAIRE (Louis). Textes automatiques (1931). Brussels, 1976, in-4, br. cover. With pictures of Dax. - ALLEAU (René). La science des symboles. Paris, Payot, 1976, in-8, br. cover. - BOUNOURE (Vincent). The rings of Maldoror. Paris, l'écart, 1999, in-8, br. cover ill. - WOLFLI. L'art brut. 2. Paris, 1964, in-8, br. cover. - LUBIN. Le passager clandestin. Paris, Gallimard, 1946, in-12, cart. ed. ill. by Paul Bonet. Numbered copy (n°519). - BIERCE (Ambrose). Fables fantastiques. Paris, Losfeld, 1962, in-8, br. cover ill. Illustrations by Pierre Gauthier. - Art spirite mediumnique visionnaire messages d'outre-tombe. Paris, 1999, in-8, br. - VACHE (Jacques). Two unpublished letters. Paris, Rougerie, 1988, in-8, br. cover printed E.O. We join there some booklets: Of surrealism and pleasure. Paris, Corti, 1987. - LELY. Letters to the dead. Paris, Borderie, 1979. - PERET (Benjamin). Death by the leaf. Paris, Losfeld, 1978, in-8, br.
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