RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937).

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RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937).
L.A.S. and 10 autograph postcards signed "Maurice Ravel" to Miss Annie COURTEAULT or to Miss Marie GAUDIN, 1928; most of them illustrated postcards with addresses on the back, and with 6 envelopes. Correspondence to his friends in SaintJean-de-Luz, especially during his trip to the United States. [Marie Gaudin (1879-1976) was a childhood friend of Ravel, who remained very close to the Gaudin-Courteault family. Annie Courteault, daughter of Jane Gaudin, was Marie Gaudin's niece, nicknamed "Ttan."] From New York to Chicago 16/1, to Annie (postcard from The Twentieth Century Limited train]: "in the 'Club' of the N.Y. rapid to Chicago, a little heckled, I think of you all, and especially of Marie, whom I am going to see in a fortnight in Los Angeles. Triumph a little tiring in N.Y., Boston, then N.Y. again. Interviews, receptions, photographers, caricatures. I even shot a movie, with two fingers of make-up... - Chicago 30.I], to Annie (postcard. The Bankers Building, Chicago): "Left Cleveland yesterday morning. Left Chicago at 8 pm. On my way to San Francisco (3 nights and 2 days). It must be very cold; I dare not go and see for myself on the back deck. Inside, it's so hot that I close the radiator and run the fan day and night. So far, the landscape is dull, flat, then the desert, still flat. From time to time, remnants of corn or wooden villages, like housing estates near Paris. [...] I won't be back until the middle of April [...] Cleveland being of no interest, it has allowed me to rest a little" .... - Minneapolis to New York] 24/1, to Marie (postcard. From Minneapolis to New York] 24/1, to Marie (postcard: Rainier National Park): "We're a long way from the 35 to 40 degrees in Los Angeles. Now it's freezing cold, snowstorms. Didn't have time to freeze my hands in Chicago, which I crossed this morning in a hurry. Slept on the train quite well last night, very well today before and after lunch. I am going home tomorrow morning - to New York: in France it will not be until the 4th of May, and I should be going back to Spain at the end of that month. I'm afraid I've only got bits and pieces left"... - Los Angeles 7/2, to Mary (postcard. Hotel Baltimore): "I had a good look at the dock yesterday: I did not see you. Hurry up: I'm leaving the day after tomorrow... and I regret it: 35°, a cloudless sky; palm trees, greenhouse plants lining the avenues (and I was freezing a few days ago in Chicago) and it will start again soon. Walk in Hollywood; photographed with stars... - Denver to Minneapolis 21/2, to Annie (postcard: rodeo): "in between nights on the railroad (as almost always). Ttan [Marie Gaudin] was very wrong not to come to Los Angeles: 35 to 40°. Since then, I've had less heat, but always, even in Canada, a beautiful sun. In Denver, which I left last night (1600 m. altitude), we went out without coats. - From St. Paul to Toronto by Chicago 18/3, to Annie (postcard. Washington St., Chicago): "After a rest - if one can say so - of 15 days in N. York, I am again touring the United States, in a zigzag pattern this time: Kansas City, St. Paul, Toronto, Albany, N. York, Detroit, Houston, the Grand Canyon, N. Y., Montreal on April 19 and I embark on the 21st on the Paris. Only 40 days to go to get home... - Niagara Falls 20/3, to Annie (postcard. Niagara Falls): "Another part of Canada, quite different from Vancouver. I'm going back to Toronto after seeing the illumination of the American Falls"... - Grand Canyon to Buffalo 14/4, to Annie (postcard. Grand Canyon): "Only 7 days left [...] I won't describe the G. Canyon: you would leave your family immediately to come and see it. I've just been in Kansas City for 20 minutes (American trains stop more often than the Hendaye-Biarritz) : it's freezing. Last month, at the same time (9 p.m.) I was walking there in my jacket. European cold waves?"... [Saumur] 25/5, to Annie (postcard. Saumur, the castle): "I thought I would go and see you directly here. No way: I have business in Paris all next week. Since my return, I have only spent a few hours in Montfort"... - Le Belvédère, Montfort l'Amaury [end of August]. He announces to Marie his arrival for Monday morning by the "Côte d'argent"; he will stay 15 days. "Zerda, Chiberta? There is, it seems, a large swimming pool, all the elegant sports of the Basque coast (cocktail matches?), the fragrant scents (sic) of the forest, the lake, the ocean and, I think, the snowy peaks and coconut trees"... - Le Belvédère, Montfort l'Amaury 31/10 (postcard. Montfort l'Amaury, the church), to Annie: "Will you and Ttan be up early enough to come and say hello to me next Wednesday (the 7th) at 8.25am (Côte d'Argent)? I'm going straight to Bilbao and don't know if I'll be able to stop on my way back towards the end of the month. In any case, before being
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