DUTILLEUX Henri (1916-2013).

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DUTILLEUX Henri (1916-2013).
MUSICAL MANUSCRIT autograph "Henri Dutilleux", Choral, Cadenza et Fugato for trombone and piano, (1950) ; title and 10 pages in-fol. (36 x 27.5 cm, publisher's ink stamps). Rare piece for trombone and piano. Written at the request of Claude Delvincourt, director of the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris, who wanted both to encourage young composers to "delve into the technique of instruments", and to encourage students to work on new scores and to overcome the technical difficulties, this competition piece for the Conservatoire in 1950, for trombone and piano, is dedicated to André Lafosse (1890-1975), who was then a trombone teacher at the Conservatoire. It was published by Alphonse Leduc the same year. Written in black ink on 20-line paper, the manuscript shows some corrections in blue ink or by scratching; it is signed at the end and dated "16-4-50". The piece begins in E major, at 3/2, with the Choral, marked Lent; this Choral is reminiscent of the "Choral and Variations" of the slightly earlier Piano Sonata, "especially since the choral melody elicits imitations between the piano and the trombone as in one of the variations of the 1948 work. The central cadenza "serves to highlight the virtuosity of the trombonist, in a relatively short moment dramatized by the low tremolos of the piano. [...] The baroque allure of the Fugato motif must represent a real challenge for the trombonist. As for the writing technique, it is very rigorous. It is tempting to see in it the beginnings of the concept of metabole, a central concept in the composer's future creations. The last phase of the Fugato reduces the motif to the extreme. All that remains is the initial momentum, in the form of chords that support a speedy trombone. All this is done in a spirit of imperturbable marching leading to the final triumph, a chord in E major that is, to say the least, unexpected" (Marie Delcambre-Monpoël and Maxime Joos). Discography : Daniel Breszynski (trombone) and Pascal Godart (piano), in Dutilleux, Pages de jeunesse, by the Soloists of the Orchestra of Paris (Indesens 2007).
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