ROLLAND Romain (1866-1944)

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ROLLAND Romain (1866-1944)

L.A.S., Villeneuve (Vaud) 14 October 1930, to André Bétron; 2 pages and a quarter in-8.

He authorizes him to "associate my name with your demonstration against the war. It is urgent that the peoples make their will heard: otherwise they would be dragged, from one day to the next, into an abyss where all the living forces of the West and all the conquests of civilization would be destroyed. And in every country there are criminals who are ready to open the doors to it. Watch out! "He points to the manifesto of the Joint Peace Council, the central body of the peace organizations of Europe, in Vienna. And he adds: "I am corresponding, in these days, with the great scientist EINSTEIN. He is one of the most passionate champions of resistance to war, and will soon publish a manifesto for the refusal to serve.

Attached is an important set of documents from Betron: files on demonstrations (including the one "Down with the war! "on November 5, 1930, and on women's suffrage in 1931), correspondence received (including a l.s. from Henri Barbusse) and duplicates of letters from Bétron, the organization and activity of the Parti Républicain Syndicaliste

Expert: Thierry Bodin.

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