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- Silver mesh purse (800) with variable opening, golden cover. Closure by swivelling stopper. Weight : 63 g. Wear to the gilding. Small shocks. - Cigarette case made of marine turtle shell (Chelonioidea spp) (pre-Convention) with a figure under a silver countess crown (800). Circa 1880-1900. Gross weight: 54 g. Scratches from use, oxidations, crack and small lack near the pusher and small eatings to the scale. Specimens in tortoiseshell of marine turtle Chelonioidea spp (I A) pre-Convention, prior to July 1, 1947 and therefore in conformity with the EC Rule 338 97 of 09 12 1996 art.2-Wmc. For a possible export, it will be up to the future buyer to inquire - before any purchase - with the customs of the country concerned, particularly if it is the United States. For an exit from the European Union, a CITES re-export will be necessary, this one being at the charge of the future buyer.
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