JAPON, 1910-1930

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120 - 150 EUR
JAPON, 1910-1930
Three important ivory nestuke (Elephantidae spp; >20%; pre-Convention) with patina: - one depicting a group of figures, seated or standing, holding cups, fan leaves, fish or musical instrument. Signed. H. 3.5 cm. One hand damaged, missing. - One depicting a group of seated men drinking from a basket. Signed. H. 4.4 cm. Game with a seated figure. - one depicting a group of men pulling and pushing a wheeled tub, containing a kneeling samurai, a crate carrier behind him. Unsigned. H. 4.3 cm. One head damaged, detached. Total weight : 138 g. The lot presented containing more than 20% worked Elephantidae spp (I/A) ivory, pre-Convention, prior to March 3, 1947 and therefore in compliance with EC Rule 338/97 of 09/12/1996 art.2-Wmc, the French decrees of August 16, 2016 modified and May 4, 2017, can be marketed after declaration and obtaining a D permit. To this end, the person declared the successful bidder for having made his bid by any means whatsoever for a lot containing more than 20% elephant ivory (elephantidae spp), and whose manufacture is prior to March 3, 1947, gives a mandate to Drouot Estimations to make the necessary declaration of purchase on his behalf to the competent Administration in accordance with Article 2bis of the decree of August 16, 2016 amended. The successful bidder, who is required to make a declaration, undertakes to provide Drouot Estimations without delay with all the information necessary for this purpose and to take any steps requested by Drouot Estimations to do so. The successful bidder is solely responsible for carrying out all other steps resulting from the particular nature of such a lot under his responsibility. In particular, it is up to him to take the necessary steps for its possible resale or export. For an exit from the European Union, a CITES re-export certificate will be necessary, this being at the expense of the future buyer. The delivery of such a document is not automatic. For a possible re-export, it will be up to the buyer to get information - prior to any purchase - from the customs of the country concerned, particularly if it is the United States. OBLIGATION: For the delivery of the lot, the successful bidder will have to present his identity document and communicate his coordinates. License number D :
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