VAN GOGH VINCENT (1853-1890)

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VAN GOGH VINCENT (1853-1890)
Signed autograph letter addressed to Émile BERNARD [Arles 1 or 2 November 1888], 4 pages in-8 in ink on squared paper. (Tears without alteration of text). Van Gogh's text addressed to the painter Émile Bernard covers 2 three-quarter pages and is signed "Vincent". "My dear friend Bernard These days we have been working a lot and in the meantime I have read Zola's dream, so I have hardly had time to write. Gauguin interests me a lot as a man -- a lot -- It has long seemed to me that in our filthy profession as painters we have the greatest need of people with the hands and stomachs of a worker -- more natural tastes -- more loving and charitable temperaments -- than the decadent and exhausted Parisian boulevard -- But here without the slightest doubt we are in the presence of a virgin with fauvist instincts. In Gauguin's case blood and sex prevail over ambition. But enough, you have seen him up close longer than I have, only wanted in a few words to say first impressions. Then I don't think it will surprise you very much if I tell you that our discussions tend to deal with the terrible subject of an association of certain painters. This association must or can it have yes or no commercial character. We have not yet achieved any results and have not yet set foot on a new continent. But I, who have a premonition of a new world, who certainly believe in the possibility of an immense renaissance of art. Who believes that this new art will have the tropics as its homeland. It seems to me that we ourselves only serve as intermediaries. And that it will only be the next generation that will manage to live in peace. Finally, all this, our duties and our possibilities of action can only become clearer to us through experience itself. I was a little surprised that I have not yet received your promised studies in exchange for mine. Now what will interest you -- we have made some excursions to brothels and it is likely that we will end up go
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