RENOIR Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)

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RENOIR Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919)
Signed autograph letter addressed to Claude MONET Essoyes, August 19, 1912, 2 pages in-12 in ink. Auguste Renoir is worried about Claude Monet's health. "Dear Friend, Pierre stopped by Durand-Ruel's and asked about your news, which is distressing. In this case everyone gives advice, which is never followed. I'm going to do the same as the others. What I will say is probably stupid but it is like a duty of friendship for you. I risk ridicule. I had Jean with pimples, granules in my nose, swollen tonsils. We wanted to open his nose, cut his tonsils and so on. I quietly sent him to Berck, after 15 days of granulation or whatever, the salty air healed everything. Why don't you try to go to Berck or Boulogne to stay by the sea in the windiest weather. In these times you have salt in your pockets in your beard in your eyes, nose etc.. It is certain that the country you live in and your house slightly below are conducive to this kind of aff ection. You will not get this in a land of sand. Trying for a month is not very good, and can only do you good, if not cure you. You must remember that most doctors are gourds. There are some good ones, but where to find them [...]".
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