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Loving correspondence of 112 autograph letters signed in 3 cardboard files [1985-1992], 202 pages, 32 correspondence cards and exhibition invitation cards with annotations for Sylvie Mari. Black, sepia, blue inks, wide calligraphy nib, with purple felt pieces often glued at the bottom of the page. Numerous calligraphic envelopes preserved. Letterheaded paper "Moult de Parte". Numerous collages and drawings. 8 photographs of works by Mathieu. 1 disc 33 t. Enclosed are 15 books by Georges Mathieu. In his love letters to Sylvie Mari, the artist inflames the paper, revealing his need to communicate his profound adoration to her. He multiplies references to Nerval, Musset, Mozart, Ronsard, l'Astrée, the gods, Sylvie of course. "The spoken words are so clumsy that I have to write to you. Alas, I am not a poet [!]. You seem to miraculously emerge from a chapter of L'Astrée as both shepherdess and princess unless you are a heroine unknown to Musset. Continuing elsewhere in the theme of the seventeenth-century pastoral novel, he enumerates the behaviours between a shepherd and a shepherdess: "Lily of the valley, mignon, mignarder; strawberries, poppies, Fretin-Fretailler, toil, biscuit, pastry, pastry, enmistoyer". In love, the divine is never far away: "Since last night, I have been wondering about the meaning of the intervention of the gods in your life. The silver cross that Sylvie wears inspires a fusional encounter: "You held in your hands the symbol of mystical power; I had the banner. Weren't these marks of Fate that pointed us together? You are called to conquer a timeless domain and I am your herald and your knight. Evokes obviously his artistic production: painting is also a medium of love: "And I continue to wonder tirelessly about this pre-established harmony Leibniz spoke of, which is that of our souls. This astonishing attraction of our tastes and our dreams ". In 1992, the ink became golden, and he explains: " Here is the new col
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