CHAISSAC Gaston (1910-1964)

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CHAISSAC Gaston (1910-1964)
Set of 6 signed autograph letters, 5 of which are illustrated, addressed to the Italian gallery owner PAGANI and a gouache on paper. 1959-1962, 13 pages in-8 and in-4 in ink and pencil on lined paper and school notebook. 5 letters are illustrated with original ballpoint and pencil drawings. One is enhanced with gouache. Attached is a gouache cutout in green on black paper dedicated to Pagani, dated February 17, 1959, and signed by Chaissac. Gaston Chaissac relates his works, his existential difficulty with his own often involuntary offbeat humour. "He found himself a free teacher, of peasant origin, to taunt his pupil who was drawing men, calling her Chaissac, to the great shame of this child [...].It is not very surprising that this lady confused my painting with children's drawings and found it perfectly laughable, but what is more surprising is that she confused my quality as a satirical writer with God knows what to dare to use such a nerve towards me [...]".
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