Félicien Rops (1833-1898)

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Félicien Rops (1833-1898)
Set comprising an original drawing and 162 prints, 11 of which are signed, one with autograph in pencil, 9 enhanced with original retouching in pencil, all mounted on strong paper or on tabs and bound in one large volume in folio, garnet morocco, red morocco inner frame with gilded roulette, midnight blue morocco linings decorated with gilded fillets, brocaded fabric endpapers with stylized vegetal motifs, gilded edges (Cuzin). VERY PRECIOUS AND IMPORTANT COLLECTION OF EROTICAL WORKS OF ROPS GATHERED BY AUGUSTE POULET-MALASSIS AND COMPLETED BY JULES NOILLY INCLUDING: - THE ORIGINAL DRAWING by Félicien Rops, is a preparatory work for his engraving of the frontispiece of the work Les Jeunes-France by Théophile Gautier, Brussels in 1866 by Poulet-Malassis. This famous composition brings together portraits of Balzac, Baudelaire, Dumas, Lamartine... - THE 162 ESTAMPS appear for many of them in several proofs corresponding to several successive states, and sometimes in several inks (black, sepia, red or in associations). They are, for the most part, compositions intended to serve as frontispieces for the volumes published clandestinely by Poulet-Malassis in Brussels. In several cases we can see here how Rops reworked his proofs in pencil in the first states and how these retouching were then integrated into the following states. - A SIGNED AUTOGRAPHIC LETTER FROM THE BELGIAN DRAWER MARCH [? Auguste Poulet-Malassis]. 1877. - A RARE PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT OF FÉLICIEN ROPS, CLICHÉ CHARLES NEYT. Print 235 x 184 mm, mounted on soft cardboard f. with photographer's dry stamp. It was Charles Neyt, based in Brussels, who organized a famous meal attended by Baudelaire, Glatigny, Poulet-Malassis, and Rops, among others. The present collection also contains the menu engraved by Rops. - A SELF-LETTER SIGNED BY FÉLICIEN ROPS to the print publisher Alfred Cadart. s.d. Rops evokes his reticence towards reproducti
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