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L.A.S. "Jean",[December 1927 ?], to a "dear friend"; 1 page in-4. A moving letter after Radiguet's death, evoking the transvestite Barbette. "Nerves don't feel/record everything. There are the wavelengths. The Eiffel Tower still talking. I came to the Annals. I am going through a terrible crisis and it was Raymond RADIGUET's birthday with whom, believe me, BARBETTE is a bear. I have to live alone, let go - killed by the most perceptive. Only my mother approached me, after Oedipus, looked at me in tears and said to me: My poor child. I don't want to be smart. I refuse riddles. I love and I die. [...] Barbette has the flu. He hates it when people see him sick."...
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