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L.A.S. "Jean Cocteau",[Carqueirannne] March 31, 1921, to Lucien DAUDET; 1 in-4 page very full of a small writing (slight slits in the folds). He first explains himself about a misunderstanding about a maid's room and Valentine[HUGO]... "Carqueiranne is ugly - from the ugliness I love - Madame Lawrence and beautiful as "the hotel of the Palace". Why not understand that this poor beach touches my heart and that I don't need "handkerchiefs bought at the mercy" to beautify a white room full of marine sunshine. The sad thing is that our friends who say they love what we write the most understand it from this angle. Then he mentions a bar project[Le Boeuf sur le toit, which will open in January 1922]: "I have no interest in this bar. I try, in vain, to find a pleasant way to meet. Dear Lucien, may this way of seeing my actions and hearing my every word prove to you the danger of a friendly "relationship". I - before my departure - caught on the phone an amazing, decisive conversation, where I saw myself in a mirror, in 30 mirrors of Luna Park "what is called" if I am not mistaken a Rigolarium - Lacrymarium in this case"... We join another L.A.S., March 8, 1951, to Gérard Pascal (1 p. in-4, envelope): he is sick, we treat him on the coast...
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