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Autograph MANUSCRIT, Escales,[1920]; 56 pages in-fol. or in-4. Important set of largely unpublished working manuscripts for Escales, a book conceived with André Lhote. Cocteau designed these short poems to illustrate scenes from harbours, bars and brothels, drawn by André LHOTE. There are about a hundred poems here (some of them being covers and reworking), while the edition has retained thirty, plus five for the erotic continuation of the Secret Museum. The manuscript consists of four sets, some poems being extensively corrected and worked on in several versions. * A manuscript, entitled Escales, 11 pages on 8 sheets of strong chamois paper in-fol. (32 x 24.5 cm), in black ink, is started as a setting to the net, each poem being separated by the drawing of a small heart, and three by small drawings in India ink (heart, boat, flowers); several versions of the poem on "Leon's accordion" follow, as well as several other poems in first draft or in draft. Let us quote the first three poems of this set: "Adjusting her stockings Agathe Is painted from top to bottom Like a beautiful frigate The cashier canote between the water lilies Pale hatching of saucers The negress is an interspersed piece of furniture where one stores wet coral". * A series of drafts and pencil sketches on laid paper (11 pages on 7 in-4 sheets), one of the most complete of which we quote: "In Irma's learned hand Half naked the pretty moss Regarde son poisson d'eau douce Devenir aussi gros qu'un mat". * A series of working manuscripts, mainly in black ink (some pencil drafts) on grey paper (22 pages on 19 in-4 sheets). We can follow, in particular, through several versions, the genesis of "Scrappy Sailboats"..., of "Clear scaffolding with linens on it"..., of "The steam carousel looks"..., etc. * A series of working manuscripts in black ink on beautiful vellum paper (13 pages on 12 in-4 pages): several versions of the unpublished poem The A
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