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10 Autograph POEMS,[1917-1925]; 10 pages in-4 or in-fol. A set of ten poems written between 1917 and 1925, two of which appear to be unpublished. The others have been published in various collections: Poetry (1917-1920) in 1920, Vocabulary in 1922 or Poetry 1916-1923 in 1924. * Poor Jean (1 p. in-4), sharpened in black ink on a beautiful sheet of vellum paper; published in Poésies 1917-1920. "We do the trick/Thanks to the tie knot"... * Drums (3 p. in-fol. on sheets of laid paper, the first slightly browned); published in Poems 1917-1920. The original title Hymn to the Sun has been crossed out; it is dated at the end "Piquey August 1917". Corrections to a few lines: "Sun I adore you like the savages On your stomach on the shore"... * Tomb of the Alcibiade dog (1 p. in-fol. on fine paper, edges a little damaged), published in Vocabulaire: "More than one who in the dark boat"... Following the two quatrains, list of five "Tombs". * Tomb of Narcissus. Tomb of Don Juan. These three poems, published in Vocabulary, are written on the same sheet (1 p. in-fol.), with many erasures and corrections. *[Rome at night] (1 p. in-fol. on fine paper, slit). A work manuscript abundantly corrected for this poem discarded from Vocabulary (Complete Poetic Works, Pléiade, p. 342). "And who proves to me that you're not an angel in disguise , not a diamond thief?"... * Ode to Tobacco (1 p. in-4), published with important variations in Poésies 1916-1923 under the title Ode to the Pipe in Discours du grand sommeil. The manuscript, on two columns, is abundantly missed and corrected. "So that the soft doves of our blue soldiers escape from the stake of Venus, the mad virgins know not to frighten him. At their forehead tilted From its ribbons mainte halo".... * London (1 p. in-4), an 18 verse poem, apparently unpublished, with erasures and corrections. "Your ingenuity puts a knee in the ground Sheep of golden fleece, woo
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