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Autograph MANUSCRIT, The Blue Darkness,[1915]; 5 oblong pages in-8 in green ink. On the cartoonist and cartoonist Sem. A fine tribute to the sharp line of Georges Goursat, known as SEM (1863-1934), the famous designer and caricaturist of the Belle Époque. Cocteau asked Sem, for his newspaper Le Mot, for a drawing of the KRONPRINZ... "Sem your drawing is splendid. How he seduced our ally Shakspeare! A young man, failed by his father and by our cannon, alone and satisfied to survive near his horse's carrion and among the hecatomb of his dead. Yes, here's a whip blow. Let us not deny this prince the fatal chic of degeneration. To this cap on my eye, to this smile of Sedan, to this painful softness, to this stik under my armpit I recognize well, standing in a disgusting smell of gangrene, this "gummy" that dreamed of Maxim's and that will never enter it. On this discolored figure of Hun, there is celebration, cynicism and death. Your page, Sem, is worth a 75. I wish it would fall under his watchful eye".... Then Cocteau evokes his friend the aviator Roland GARROS, listening to music "with this dream, this frankness to the pleasure, of the brave. I watched him calmly, in a gunner's tunic, not wearing his medal, waiting for Morane to invent vertiginous wings for him. How wise he was! How simple it was! Make us a Garros. You who animate men so well, he will be a lark and especially do not forget the look! The sailors' gaze meets the horizon line; in the aviators' gaze the blue darkness".
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