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Autograph MANUSCRIT signed "Jean Cocteau", Les Chansons du Petit Prince en exil,[1909]; 86 in-4 or in-fol. sheets mounted on tabs in an in-fol. volume, ivory vellum period binding with flaps, back decorated with grotesque (small accident at one corner). Complete autograph manuscript of Cocteau's second collection, The Frivolous Prince. Jean COCTEAU's second book, Le Prince Frivole, was published in 1910 at the Mercure de France. The manuscript was composed in Maisons-Laffitte in the summer of 1909, then in Arnaga in the Basque Country, where Cocteau stayed with the Rostands. It is written in black ink, from the round and curly writing of Cocteau at that time, mainly on in-4 cardboard sheets, or in-fol sheets. It contains erasures and corrections, as well as variants with the final text; the title, Les Chansons du Petit Prince en exil, is written on the yellow cardboard cover. Some poems were not selected for the edition. It includes the following 73 pieces, in a different order from the collection, in five sections: [The Songs of the Frivolous Prince:...] Nostalgic Roundel, Unbelievable Happiness[published in a different version under the title The Invisible Crown], Rape[The Intruder], Late Response, An Era, Statues, Snobism, Pink Room Roundel[The Pink Room Letter], The Tower and Comparisons, Little Boy's Roundel, Rondel du calme jeune homme, Rondel du monsieur d'un certain âge, La dame du salon obscur, Le petit lord neurasthénique, Discordances, Rondel de la sultane embarrassée, Le bouquin de Taine, Projet[with drawing of a room], Rondel du dernier Faune, Pour une dame après le "Mumm" [signed JC, On the album of a lady who had been drinking], August, Le sonnet des quatre noms, Sonnet des roses, Lettre de la jeune fille de province à la jeune fille de Paris, Le dieu nu[signed JC], La nuit quitte un parc, À la fenêtre, Seine et Oise, Useless and friendly evening, The puck of the tongue[on the back, The giant blue hat, 1st version cr
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